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We are a Florida based safety consulting firm with over 22 years experience in the safety field. We focus on providing expert safety services by thinking outside the box and exhausting every effort to satisfy customer needs. We have experience working in the Construction Industry (1926), General Industry (1910) and the Department of Transportation regulatory arena. I can honestly say that we lead by example, and focus on reducing risks but in the same token strive to connect Operations with the needs of safety/regulatory compliance. When this is accomplished employee morale is elevated, risks are reduced, and financial prosperity is somewhat a given.

We also actively participate within or on several National Safety Organizations as well as other committees in the general and construction industries.

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What we do

1. Expert Witness for Attorney's needs
and work related to Construction,
General Industry and Department of
Transportation (DOT)
(see www.expertpages.com & scroll
down to the bottom and type in the
name Bobby Glass and then click
search and additional information
should will be available.
2. OSHA Citation Assistance - we can
review your citation(s), fine(s) and
category level(s) and assist you with
a successful reduction,
reclassification or monetary
outcome ,
3. Written Safety & DOT Programs and
Security Post Orders,
4. Written Safety Programs w/ table of
5. Safety Training,
5. Investigations: and
6. Inspections, etc.

Note: USS also offers multiple "retainer" levels to assist you with your everyday safety needs.

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Universal Safety Services, LLC


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