About Us.

We are a Florida based safety consulting firm with over 22 years experience in the safety field. We focus on providing expert safety services by thinking outside the box and exhausting every effort to satisfy customer needs. We have experience working in the Construction Industry (1926), General Industry (1910) and the Department of Transportation regulatory arena. I can honestly say that we lead by example, and focus on reducing risks but in the same token strive to connect Operations with the needs of safety/regulatory compliance. When this is accomplished employee morale is elevated, risks are reduced, and financial prosperity is somewhat a given.

We also actively participate within or on several National Safety Organizations as well as other committees in the general and construction industries.

Bobby Glass has been a recognized leader in the safety and transportation field for more than 22 years and is a Certified Safety Management Practitioner (CSMP). He’s been an active member in the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) for over 10 years and is currently acting as President in the South Florida Chapter. He’s also an active member of the National Utility Contractors Association/FL (NUCA), and the Associated General Contractors Association of America/FL (AGC). He acts as a certified trainer and teaches many aspects of OSHA and DOT requirements and courses along with acting as a Competent Person. His performance within insurance, waste, construction, health, DOT and security has encompassed many aspects of operations, including hands-on experience, as well as directing corporate-wide safety programs, managing regional aspects of organizations and working with organizations to reach satisfactory goals and productive safety outcomes.

Bobby is a very specific and detailed oriented associate consultant that believes in providing expert opinions that warrant the needs of satisfying the facts of a case and those that protect and support the client. As an associate consultant he brings years of valuable experience and keen insight to each project. Bobby believes in supporting a better cause when needed and applies his abilities to both Defense and/or Plaintiff attorneys who need an objective expert to help navigate the complexities of the regulations and the overall discovery process.

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USS, LLC has experienced success with valuable outcomes. Our outcomes have been but are not limited to the following:

1. Received 2018 AGC Vehicle Safety Award,
2. Received 2018 AGC Safety Award of Excellence,
3. Received” Presidents Safety Award” reducing claims (first year on job)
from over 110 reportable claims a year to sustain no more than 5 the
following year (hazardous waste landfill operations & new locations),
4. Reduced claims which had a direct impact of $350,000 savings within
one quarter; therefore, on average profiting 1 million a month. Company
obtained “most improved” status and achieved #1 ranking with the
lowest claims rate and cost/cost per hour,
5. Provided cost savings of $448,000 with implementation of safety program
at Miami-Dade County Health Department; therefore, saving tax payer
6. Safety Manual received recognition as part of the Public Health Ready
7. Received Governor’s Sterling “Quality” award in 2006 and 2012,
8. Obtained the first of several awards from the State of Florida’s Department
of Health,
9. 2006 DOH Safety Excellence Award,
10. 2007 Spotlight on excellence Award for implementing monthly training
11. 2008 Safety Initiative Award of the Year – Runner up – for reduction in
claims cost,
12. 2009 through 2011 received Safety Initiative Award for 100% Compliance
during State assessments,
13. Published Write/Author – Book: Healthy Stories/Amazon.com (2009).
14. Created and implemented MDCHD first ever Green Office Policy and
recycling program (Davis Productivity Award Submittal)/Achieved 100%
use of sustainability products in General Services,
15. Saved $47,000 a year (direct cost) when asset security was stream-lined
and post-orders developed,
16. Obtained an “average” Customer Satisfaction rating of 4.8 (out of 5.0) for
all safety related projects; and
17. OSHA citations revoked, etc.

Organization Certifications and Affiliations:

1. Certified Safety Management Practitioner (CSMP) Cert No. 13295,
2. National Safety Council Defensive Driving Instructor Cert No. 2054652,
3. Florida All Lines Claims Adjuster (CA) Cert No. W167165,
4. OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer Cert No. G0057226,
5. OSHA Authorized Construction Trainer Cert No. C0091603
6. IADC RIGPASS Instructor Cert No. 01092714
7. First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Cert No. 2054652
8. Competent Person Trainer
9. NIMS Training – 700a/800/etc.
10. Occupational S&H Professional (OSHAcademy Certification Program/132
11. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity UWA-University
12. American National Standards Institute (Z245) Member since 2010
13. American Society of Safety Professionals (S. FL Chapter)
President 2019-2020
14. American Society of Safety Professionals (S. FL Chapter)
Governmental Affairs 2017-2018
15. American Society of Safety Professionals (S. FL Chapter)
Treasurer 2018-2019
16. American Society of Safety Professional Member since 1995 till Present
17. American Society of Safety Engineers -Vice President 2000
18. National Utility Contractors Association/FL (NUCA) Member since 2018
19. Associated General Contractors Association of America/FL (AGC) Safety
Committee Member 2018